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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger


My current knitting project works with the effects of texture, so I think it fits the prompt well:

A shawl, made of multicolour ribbon?yarn which has already texture on its own, brought nicely out with a simple but effective pattern.


That's a great choice for the prompt. I used to crochet, but I never tried knitting
Thanks! Knitting isn't really difficult, but it's easiest when somebody can show it to you. I learned to my surprise only lately that you're knitting completely different in the US (I don't know about the UK) in a way that looks totally complicated to me. *g* Very likely the way I knit looks equally complicated to your fellows. I prefer knitting to crochet because I don't have to look at my work as much as when crocheting, and it goes much faster.
How pretty! I like both the pattern and the colors.
Thanks! I'm currently thinking about doing a sweater for me with the yarn in a grey-green variety. I need one for autumn/winter, and I never find one in shops I like and which are neither wool (which I can't wear) nor have any artifical materials.. It might even work out, given the time it usually takes me to finish crafting projects, since the knitting goes so fast...
It looks so soft! And the colors are beautiful, too.
Thank you!
That is a really interesting pattern, it gives a really nice texture.
Thanks! I always love a pattern that is easy and fast to knit and looks good. :o)
what a great texture!! and that you created it yourself - how cool is that.

your photo shows it off so well.
Thank you! :o)
Very interesting pattern and texture, and it looks good. I'm trying to work out how you get the stocking stitch to go in different directions. I notice you say that you knit in a different way from British and US methods. Do you mean that you knit on circular needles? I have never tried that, but I have a jumper that I bought at an op shop which had been knitted that way, and it is so comfortable that I am tempted to try this way of knitting. (I'm missing the conversations we used to have, but hopefully it will happen again. My mind is very 'scattered' at the moment.)
It looks very clever, but it really is very simple - you have to purl two times two together on the back row, though one is through the back loop, the only somewhat complicated stitch on this pattern. On the row, you knit 4, have 1 yarn over, knit one, have one yarn over, knit 4, do a double decrease, and that's it. The combination of the double decreases and the purling together on the back row creates the different directions of the stitches. The only downside is you're rather limited in work width as the pattern is a bit complicated to increase or diminish, and I have yet to figure out how I can increase stitches if I really want to use the pattern for a sweater. But once you have figured out that one difficult stitch for purling two together through the backside loop, the pattern is very easy and also very fast to knit.

The pattern is free, you can find it here.

Edited at 2014-03-31 08:17 am (UTC)
Thanks for the link. It looks really stunning in that multi coloured yarn, and seeing the stitches more clearly it reminds me of 'feather and fan', which I have knitted almost a lifetime ago.

I don't mean that comment on the coloured yarn to sound demeaning, your subdued colour choice is very elegant, and I would probably go for a colour that would go with everything.
I don't mean that comment on the coloured yarn to sound demeaning
I seem too dumb to find that comment again to make sure, but nothing you wrote here or elsewhere sounded the least bit demeaning or anything similar! *hugs* Though I wouldn't even say the colour is subuded myself, I think it is very vivid, and the part I photographed is perhaps the most "quiet" in way of colour. It goes from a very fresh pea green to a dark smoke blue and back, and I love it very much. But I love colour usually, particularly if there is green in it. ;o)
That is beautiful! I love the way the colors blend into one another. A great photo for the prompt!
Thank you! :o)