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Smile please

September 2019



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myrhiann in photo_scavenger


DSC_0035 Banana bread made this afternoon.


Hmm, that looks delicious! Are these walnuts you baked in? I wish I had a slice for breakfast.
I add chopped walnuts and dates to it, and sometimes some mixed spice as well. It is usually the only 'cake' that I make. I try to make it healthy, so that a slice of it will be sustaining. I have diabetes 2, so I try to avoid other 'snacks.
Hmm, that sounds much like one of my favourite cakes when I was small and which I also still bake. Apart from cocoa powder (the pure one, not yet sweetened) the important ingredients are a lot of spices. In the original recipe it's a table spoon or two of cinnamon and a pinch of clove powder, but I'm using the seeds of 4-5 capsules cardamom, 4-5 globes/pieces each coriander and cloves, ground them into fine dust and also ad a hint of freshly ground black pepper, a large hint of fresly grated nutmeg, and a dash of allspice. It gives a lovely taste, particularly if you deep-freeze it and keep it for a bit. I absolutely have to try it with walnuts and dates the next time!
Your blend of spices sounds lovely I realised after I had made the loaf that I had added a generous amount of ground cloves instead of mixed spices, but the next day it tasted excellent. I think I might get inspired and try your blend, it sounds delicious.
My favorite! Ohhhh, it smells wonderful.
It is my favourite too. I add chopped walnuts and dates to it, and sometimes vary it with spices.
Yum! And a really good texture, too.
I can never get it to cook evenly though, even though I make a dent in the centre of the batter before it goes into the oven. When I had a gas oven things cooked better than they do with electric.
Yummy looking! Now, I'm hungry.
I think something as wholesome as this does produce a feeling of hunger. It is probably something that our mother's made when we were children.