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Smile please

September 2019



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Oh Dear

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This is the, rather old, knitting pattern for a jumper that I began to knit for my husband abut 13 or 14 years ago - which I have just found in one of those odd hidden corners old houses sometimes have! I thought 'What is in that bag?', opened it - and found this. Actually, all the wool is there, so I might just pick it up and get on with it.

pattern 002


What a treasure to discover! It would be cool if you could finish it.
I must finish what I'm writing, first, I think, as I might get a bit distracted by it!
I love the color of the yarn, and that sweater looks very warm and cozy and comfy!
I really will get around to finishing it, now I've found it!
LOL! I had a lot of those in my loft and in the end I gave them to the charity shop and the lady there said she was thrilled to have a half started jumper or two to finish! Really useful as Mr Cee hates wool and I had started them for him in lovely lambswool...! I really didn't know him very well when we were first married..!
I'm sure the pattern must be one I'd had for ages, or got off my Mum - I'm pretty sure I didn't start it back in the 1980s... or perhaps I did.

I think I might have a bash at finishing it... maybe.
Ooh, nice pattern:)

I think I really will have to finish it now!
The real trick will be to maintain the same tension. Good luck!
I hadn't really thought of that - I have always been fairly consistent so I will probably be OK... I hope!
LOL My mother, an excellent seamstress, decided to take up knitting and make me a sweater when I was a child. By the time she finished it, I had long since outgrown it and so had my younger sister. I think that was the last time she tried to knit anything. LOL
I was quite good at finishing things for D-d when she was little - but bigger things... not so good!
It llooks very comfy. I'm sure he'll be pleased if you do finish it.
It seems a shame not to, really. I'm just steeling myself to pick up the needles.
Nice pattern. It's good to know that I'm not the only one that finds things that I didn't know I'd lost in my own house.
I'm glad to find I have company!
What a great pattern, and what a fitting answer to the prompt! And don't I know forgotten knittings in bags only too well... *ahem*
I really will have to get on and actually knit it now!