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September 2019



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lizziebuffy2008 in photo_scavenger


Our china, crystal, and silver patterns, all in use for Christmas dinner...

Christmas 2011

I don't think people my age or younger do formal china and such much anymore, but I love it for special occasions.


Oh, isn't that gorgeous! I love the runner.

I don't think people my age or younger do formal china and such much anymore, but I love it for special occasions.

I have a set of fine china that my mother gave us as a wedding gift. It has pink flowers on it, though, which is hideous against our deep-red dining room walls (and my preferences lean much more toward colours like on your table). So I invested in a set of very colourful Italian design stoneware in reds, cobalt blues and golds that creates a very vibrant tablescape for special occasions. Not really formal like yours, but it still conveys the importance (I hope) to my daughter of being able to put together a formal family/holiday dinner. She does love it when we get it out for Thanksgiving--she's in charge of mixing and matching the patterns and solids for everyone's place setting. :)
Thanks; I totally missed that the runner could count as a pattern as well...
That brings back such good memories of when my mother would use "the good crystal and china" for special dinners.
I love bringing it out and miss the days of stores where you could go and look at a bunch of different patterns.
How lovely. I actually do have a set of formal china that DH insisted we get. I don't think we've ever used it, though. Rather silly. My mother used hers quite often. She always was of the opinion that it was better used and possibly broken than never used and never enjoyed.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thanks. IMO, the biggest drawback of it is the hand washing it requires.
I really love the pattern of your table runner, as well.
Thank you. I totally blanked that it counted too...
Lovely! I have all those things, now that I think about it. Maybe I need to find an excuse to use them someday.
I usually have them out for Christmas and sometimes Valentine's Day or our anniversary. I have to admit, it is much easier clean-up wise when it is just the two of us.
What a lovely table! I could do that if I only had to set two or three places. LOL
Thanks. Yes, it is much easier when it is just the two of us...although I have been known to ask people (family members) to polish silver and iron while I am working on dinner.
That is such a beautifully set table, the runner really completes it. When you make the effort it really does seem much more of an 'occasion'.

I used to enjoy doing this when I was younger, but old age has caught up with me, and my days of cooking meals for guests are gone for ever. My hubby and I eat from trays sitting in front of TV these days, except for breakfast - we sit a the table for that.
Thank you! I do really love that runner. We only set the table like that for special occasions. Most of the time, we eat on the sofa while watching tv.
Very elegant looking! Sadly, our china pattern was never completed. We got a great deal of it for wedding gifts and then never purchased anything more.
That is a beautiful table! Great use of the prompt too.
Thank you on all counts! We do not have a complete pattern of the china either (only 6.) It was a compromise, because at the time my husband and I had very different taste in china patterns. We never completed it thinking we would find something we liked better...