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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger

Calm and Pattern

I know I've missed both of these. Not sure what else, but here we go:

For calm - the surface of my "big" pond (hey, it's all relative!) this afternoon. The air was so still and the surface was glassy.

 photo P1020405_zps4c97636a.jpg

And then there's pattern. I hope you can see it on the big picture. What we had here, was a curved line where evergreen ground cover (periwinkle is the common name. I'm blanking on the real name) met the lawn. This winter was so bad, the deer ate almost all the ground cover (they've never touched it before) and then we had to have a giant pine tree taken down because it was leaning toward the house. So, today when I mowed, I reduced the size of the arce by a couple of feet or more. With the shade from the pine gone, the grass is going to spread into that area anyway, so may as well just mow down both grass and remaining ground cover and see which one wins. You should be able to see a patchy darker green area with a few small blue flowers which is the actual ground cover area now, then a somewhat lighter just-mowed area, and then the still-brown lawn grass. That's my pattern ATM. It remains to be see what it looks like a month or two from now.

 photo P1020406_zpsccd256dc.jpg


I particularly like your "calm" shot. Water that still is always amazing.
It was amazing. We've had so much wind lately that I don't remember seeing it that still until this afternoon.
Very nice, both the calm and the pattern
What a nice pond! Do you ever find frogs or turtles sunbathing there?
Lots of frogs most years. It's a little too small for turtles and located on a hill, so I don't think I've had any that I can remember. We see the occasional box turtle, but they don't go in the water. Probably some "gold" fish in there, but they lose their color when they live in dark water, so anything born there is brown and hard to see. A heron visits us once in a while looking to eat my frogs and fish.
That is a lovely calm spot - and it will be interesting to see your pattern develop.
I'm so glad someone else is catching up too. I just this minute posted my photo for bright. lol
These are lovely and I adore your pond. Are there fish in it?
I'm sure there are, but it's so dark in there and has so much vegetation that I never see them. Lots of frogs and tadpoles, though. :)
I love your prompt answers. I find it always fascinating which plant "wins" when there is new ground to (re)discover.