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Smile please

September 2019



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Lunar Eclipse

ysilme in photo_scavenger

Helping each other out..

to get rid of that vet smell...

Our two cats are not the best of friends, but in times of need they stick together all the same. Pitou, the black and white, had had an accident earlier this rear rupturing his cruciate ligament and needing surgery. He was very grumpy because he needed to stay in his obstacle-free room for several weeks, and because he couldn't walk properly and things. We let Skrållan in under supervision (otherwise they would have fought) and she immediately set about to clean his still weirdly-smelling shaved leg, which he let happen, much to our surprise. (He is completely recovered by now, but hopefully has learned some respect of cars.)


That's incredibly sweet. I'm glad you got this shot.
It's rare enough to catch them both at once! *g* I nearly never managed when we had more.
Well you know they say that a friend in need is a friend indeed - Skrållan is clearly a friend indeed!
And if it is just to make sure he is soon in good fighting condition again... *g*
Aw, how sweet that Skrållan put aside her normal antagonistic ways to be a "mother" to Pitou. Cats are really such interesting animals. Glad to hear Pitou is doing better.
They usually are doing something we call "groom-fighting": one starts to groom the other, then gets groomed back, not very kindly, and then it's suddenly a fight. *g*
That sounds rather like the way my Small People hug each other... (boys, honestly, half the time it's like a bear-pit)
That's an adorable picture. at least they can manage to get along sometimes, a hopeful sign. My two cats were jealous sisters who never got along well except when it was cold. Then they cuddled up together. So strange!

- Erulisse (one L)
My brother and sister cat who hated each other did snuggle when it was -13C outside!

Edited at 2014-04-17 10:37 pm (UTC)
Very sensible of them! :O)
We never had siblings as cats, though when Pelle came to us as a kitten Skrollan mothered him for a time, even letting him suck once or twice. He has behaved towards her as if he was her child ever after, and she could disciplin him with a look only. *g* But otherwise, the utmost is peaceful coexistence, but never real friendship. I take great care that each one is at ease, though, but they mostly prefer not to be in the same room if no humans are there.
Awwww :-)
How adorable!
Aren't they? :o)
Only a friend will do that sort of thing for you. : )
Beautiful cats! I'm glad Pitou is well and recovered now.
I think the saying of the nine life of cats is true after all. It's amazing how fast and thoroughly he recovered. If the fur wasn't still only partly regrown, you woulnd't know he had been injured.
I wish mine were helpful in that way. Every time anyone goes to the vet for anything serious and returns home, the others spit at them. *sigh* Great photo!
Thank you! I don't know why, but ours have never reacted negatively to vet smells, though grooming like this is rare and perhaps only occurred because they are only two now and he was away for a couple of days. The first time in her 14 years of life she was on her own!