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September 2019



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Doors Within Doors

fenchurche in photo_scavenger


I've got a lot of catching up to do, but I spent some time over the last day or so finally getting around to rounding up photos and getting them ready to post. I think I'll try just doing a few a day, though... or it could get overwhelming. Once again, a number of these will look familiar to people who follow me here on LJ already.

We moved into our house last summer... and while it's not all that far from our old one, the difference in wildlife is amazing! And imagine our surprise when the fields just up the road suddenly filled with Trumpeter Swans!! Apparently, this is one of the places they fly to in the winter. I snapped this photo back in early January and the fields were filled with hundreds of them!

ETA: The grey ones you can see there are, from what I understand, the previous year's babies... it was interesting to watch over the past few months as the grey faded more and more until they started to blend in with all the others.


Are they noisy neighbours to have?
I should have just posted this link with the photo... but yeah, they are! Thankfully, the spot where I took the photo and the video below is a few miles up the road... but we do get to hear them when they fly by!

How marvelous!
Living in Australia my only familiarity with geese has been with those that lived on my father's farm when I was young. This is a very interesting pic. Do you live in North America or Europe?
These are actually Trumpeter Swans, down from Canada. I live in the Pacific Northwest in the US. We get geese here, too, but when I took that photo (and the video I linked in one of the replies), the geese weren't here for the most part (just a few random exceptions). It's funny, because the swans seem to winter here, while the geese are mostly here in spring and fall, likely on their way to and from more southern climes.
I especially love the one standing up and sprwadng his (her?) wings. They can be quite aggressive, and I certainly wouldn't want to see that advancing on me.
How awesome to have them in your backyard, so-to-speak! We often go to a Danish Island for winter holiday where white swans are taking a break in their journey. It's so amazing to observe swans in such numbers, isn't it?