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September 2019



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Psych Split a Pineapple

fenchurche in photo_scavenger


I was about to post a photo I took earlier this year, but decided to go looking for one I remembered from several years ago... it was still a photo of the day on my LJ, but it's been about three and a half years, so hopefully even my friends will have forgotten it!

I took this in September of 2010, during Dragon*Con Night at the Georgia Aquarium. So much fun! The place was completely packed with other fannish folk and the aquarium there is just plain awesome even on a regular visit! This photo was taken in a glass tunnel walking through a very large aquarium...


I love aquaria where you can do that!
IIRC, the Georgia Aquarium is the largest in the world. Really impressive place!
Ooooh, what a fascinating place to visit.
I love going there when I'm visiting Georgia... from what I understand, it's the largest aquarium in the world. Even more amazing when you consider how far inland it is.
A very interesting pic. Next time I visit Sydney I will have to make the effort to visit the aquarium there.
Have you ever been to the Melbourne aquarium? That one was quite impressive, as I recall...
The rare occasions I visit Melbourne it is to catch up with relatives, and I didn't even know that they had an aquarium. I prefer visiting Sydney as I used to live there, and can find my way around. I am no longer familiar with Melbourne, although years ago it was like my 2nd home.
Love it! Those "undersea" tunnels are always magical.
Great shot! I have never been to such a tunnel before, but hope we will find an aquarium one day who has one. It must be a very speciel experience.