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Smile please

September 2019



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Lunar Eclipse

ysilme in photo_scavenger


A small carrot cake I baked for my husband's birthday office party. As his colleagues prefer small pieces you can eat out of your hand and also try more variety, and I don't have regular-sized springform pans at the moment, I made two in half-sized pans and we had this one ourselves with friends. I used the leftover glazing so it is only thinly glazed, too. *g* I just about managed this shot before the cake was gone...

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That looks delicious!
It really was. It's one of my favourite cakes, though I never made it often.
That looks really good - and I really like the plate, too.
Thanks! It's one of the hand-made plates and bowls we have partly collected over the years at our favourite Danish potter, and partly ordered to complete more or less a table service. She usually does several shades of cups, bowls, small items and small plates in several designs with similar colours, and we have many of these, usually in pairs, and fitting well together due to the shape and colouring. We have now also eight pasta dishes and four large stew bowls, since we most eat huge salads, stews or pasta where these are most practical, but have also eight large plates to complete the set, a bit larger than your regular large dinner plates. I mostly use them for serving, though, like for this cake.
The design of this plate is called "Bagenkop" after the small former fishing port where she lives, and has a border of small drawings inspired by living there: typical buildings, lighthouse, trees, regional flowers, a gull, an anchor, a cat, a sailing boat, a windmill.
What a lovely collection to have.
I just about managed this shot before the cake was gone...

It's always nice to be appreciated! :)
*g* Indeed! One of the guests was highly sceptical when he heard it was a "carrot" cake. "You mean, with carrots, as in vegetables? There are VEGETABLES in this cake?"
He ate two pieces in the end.
*grins* You opened up a whole new world for him!

If I ever give Pippin a morsel of cake, it'll be carrot cake. Her favorite "special snack" is a baby carrot.
Mmmm, looks yummy.
Perfect icon for that! :o)