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September 2019



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fenchurche in photo_scavenger


My husband and I really enjoy hiking, and living in the Pacific Northwest, we have a lot of places where we can go... but about five years ago, a friend made the fateful suggestion "Hey, you should try Geocaching... I bet you'd love it!" And so since then, for the first time in my life, I'm an active participant in an actual "sport." (Hey, REI has a full section for it... it's got to count!) After all, it's what happens when geeks go outside.

I took this pic of my husband, rackham, signing the logbook on his 3000th Geocache find (I'm about 500 ahead of him). It was a multi-cache (meaning you had to find one stage of it, get clues or directions to the next stage and, depending on the cache, possibly have to do that through several more stages before reaching the final, where you'd find the logbook to sign) over near Hermiston, Oregon.


That sounds so interesting!
Yay, geocaching! We're doing this as well, though on a much, much smaller scale. We don't have that many caches available when we go away, or locally, and on our last holiday trips the internet simply never worked sufficiently for us to find caches. Going abroad always means no or very expensive and slow internet rates, and looking up caches beforehand didn't really work as well. *g*
But no matter how few we only found so far, it's huge fun, and I'm always excited to meet other people doing the same. Continued good luck for finding and not being muggled! :)
We started out on our phones, but very quickly decided we needed to get a GPS... we've got a really nice handheld hiking GPS that we can load up with caches. So much nicer when you're hiking! It also comes in handy when we run across the border to Canada (and will come in handy when we eventually get the chance to go overseas again).
We both didn't have suitable phones until very recently, I haven't even tried yet to use mine. We got ourselves a good GPS right from the start, too, but you still need to know where you go to upload caches, and this you can do for a day or a weekend trip, but not for a two week's holiday in Sweden or Denmark when you're not even sure where exactly you are going. *lol* At least this is the problem for us. So we always had the odd cache already on the device, and logged it, but finding caches at the places where we went would have required internet connection for my netbook, and having the image-heavy website load has so far been either impossible or got really time-consuming (like, about half an hour to looking up one cache and see if we are yet up to it; our level is still rather low, difficulty-wise) and expensive. I still have no idea how other cachers to this on holiday trips. But then we are not travelling to cahce, but caching while travelling.
hello fellow northwesterner! congrats on SO MANY FINDS!!!! my son and i thought we'd give geocaching a try. we saw that there are a few right near our house, with people saying they found them within the last few months. we then tried to find them and couldn't. do you have any suggestions, tips, tricks? do you have a particular internet site you use? are they usually buried in the ground? i though they were just supposed to be well disguised. i thought it was going to be a way for me to get him out of the house (he's 15), but with no success he's loosing interest.
They definitely won't be buried... but they can be a bit tricky to find, depending on how well they've been hidden and how well they've been camouflaged. If you send me the GC codes for them, I can look them over and see if I can figure out how they might be hidden (believe me, after finding as many as I have, you really do get a "sense" for them).
thanks,that would be great! here are the two we were going for:


I had no idea you guys had found so many!
Doing the streaks helped a lot with that. Rackham only went to 600 days, but I hit 1111 (which, now that I think about it, makes the difference in days right around the same as the difference in number of caches found).