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September 2019



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cats 2007

fenchurche in photo_scavenger


One day, not long after we moved into the new house, I realized I hadn't seen our cat Zoë for awhile. I checked under beds and in closets and finally had a thought hit me. Sure enough, it had taken a week, but she had finally found her favorite seat... an old office chair she'd commandeered at our old house that had ended up tucked back in the small office in the new house after we moved.

Another one that my friends will have seen as my photo of the day... but it was too good to pass up for this prompt. In fact, I was debating between three different photos of Zoë sitting in one of her favorite chairs (she has several... we actually have two different chairs in the office area we're actually using (not the little one I described earlier) that are pretty much specifically for the cats). But this one really does appear to be her favorite seat.


My cat is also addicted to office chairs, but here is another more unusual choice of seating.DSC_0001
So cute! What a great shot.
That's incredibly adorable.
wonderful! they certainly do like the craziest places. ours take over a chair or place on the couch for a month or so at a time and then, randomly are done with that and move onto another.
It's a good thing you didn't get rid of her chair in the move, LOL!
Yep! Because we'd been considering just donating it... we weren't sure we'd use it in the new place! So glad we didn't get rid of it. We'd always thought she sat there because the chair was situated near our office chairs and she could see the whole room from it in the old house. But apparently, she really does just like the chair... because it's certainly not conveniently located now and doesn't look out over anything.
What a gorgeous girl - and a perfect seat:-)