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Smile please

September 2019



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Cake is a Lie

fenchurche in photo_scavenger


For my husband's birthday this year, at first he rather apologetically asked for German Chocolate cake (I'm allergic to cow's milk and can't have it, hence the apology). I told him I'd pick one up somewhere and make myself a chocolate trifle or something... at which point he said "I changed my mind! I want chocolate trifle!"

We decided not to bother with putting in all the candles needed, so it wasn't anywhere near as bright as it could have been. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out, completely free of cow's milk!


I do love the idea of the candles on the trifle!
We didn't go for the full assortment of candles mostly because I was a bit worried they might cause the mousse on top to melt!
That looks utterly delicious. *holds out spoon*
good hubby! and great trifle!!
Wow look at that! Happy birthday Mr F!
Wow! That would be impressive even without the candles being all bright on top.
That looks delicious! Great choice for the prompt.
How do you make German Cocolate Cake? I'm German, but I don't know what you mean. ;o) But as I'm lactose intolerant, I bake without animal milk, replacing it mostly with soy milk and sometimes other substitutes. It works surprisingly well.
From what I understand, the origins of the cake really have nothing to do with Germany and are instead named after someone (with the last name German) who developed the dark baking chocolate used in the cake. It's a layered chocolate cake with a filling/topping that is a caramel made from evaporated milk and eggs with coconut and pecans mixed in. It's really quite delicious, but I'd have to try to find a way to make it without the cow's milk... not easy to do. I generally just skip it these days!
Ah, I see. Yes, caramel would be difficult to make without cow's milk, I suppose, I never make it myself. A friend with an allergic child uses goat's milk as substitute, but I don't know if you can make caramel with it.

And thank you for the explanation about the cake, I had been wondering. None of our typcial cakes would have been difficult to make with substitutes!
That looks yummm