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September 2019



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cats 2007

fenchurche in photo_scavenger


This one is going to take a bit of explaining... even with the short version. My friends here will have all seen the many stories about my cat, Numfar (and are getting to see one here now that I've never shared on my LJ). She suffers from an excess of personality (but I'm really not complaining... because there's rarely a dull moment when she's around). Shortly after we first got her, she stole a Beanie Baby mouse from my husband's desk... and after returning it there only to have it stolen again a few times, he finally gave in and let her have it. Mister Mouse has had many wild adventures in our house, since Numfar likes to carry him all over the place and will very deliberately set him up to watch things for her (it's not uncommon to come home and find him watching the door... or to get out of the shower and find him staring back up at me).

Well, after nearly seven years, he was looking a bit worse for wear, so I hit the internet and bought a second one. It took a few weeks, during which time Numfar would move both Misters Mouse, one at a time, whenever she wanted them somewhere new, but eventually she started to prefer the new one and we retired the original Mr. Mouse for good.

One day, though, I came home and discovered that she'd apparently felt that the two Misters Mouse needed to be separated and set each down in identical poses, almost exactly equidistant on either side of the corner in the hallway. Sometimes, I really have to wonder what goes through her brain.


Oh my goodness, what a grand story, and wonderful photo. What *is* going through that kitty's head, I wonder? She sounds very entertaining indeed.
Lately, I've been thinking of going through my old journal entries and tagging all the ones with Numfar stories, so they're easier to find. She seems to always be coming up with fun new things to do!
I love Numfar! And that picture is amazing. She really does have a very strange brain, even for a cat.
Yay! I just love Numfar! (And all Misters Mouse stories!)
i love how specific your kitty has been in placement - and how thoughtful of you to get a new mouse.
Cats are endlessly fascinating!
What a fun and intriguing story! Are you sure that Numfar is truly a cat, though, and not perhaps an alien sent to spy us humans out? My husband sometimes ponders this possibility when observing odd behaviour of our own feliens. *g*
Whatever she's thinking, it's entertaining - she sounds like quite the cat!