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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger


And here is one of the reasons I've been so MIA recently. He got hurt on Saturday and is spending more time in the house than his siblings. Have you ever tried to put a 7 wk old puppy on "bed rest"? Yeah, wonderful doctor, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any pets himself. LOL

sit photo P1020594_zps65e752fa.jpg


Ohhhh, what a sweetie. I'm sorry to hear that your baby was hurt.

*pets pets*
Thanks. He's getting better.
What a cutie. Hope he is now feeling better

As to doctors, Jaykub had sweetitch, and one helpful shop told me to tell him to stop rubbing ... I know he was a clever horse ... but ...!!!
Seriously... this same ortho guy told my daughter (after doing shoulder surgery on her high energy pit-mix) that she had to be kept still for three weeks or more. He can't seem to grasp that dogs don't get "Rest. Don't jump around." etc. Or that a dog that is tired of being confined is going to hurt itself worse trying to get out of the crate or pen or whatever that it probably will if it's allowed freedom.
Cutest puppy ever! Hope he's better soon and can go out to play with his siblings again.
He's with them while they're sleeping, but playing isn't supposed to be in future for another four days. Going to be very long days for us... LOL
I just died from cute. What happened to the poor little boo?
Don't know. When I let them out Sat. a.m., he couldn't put any weight on one hind leg. It just dangled and he just flopped down and look depressed. Can't imagine how he hurt himself that badly with making a lot of noise about it, but... Anyway, it is an injury, not the infection I was afraid of at first, so meds and rest are helping a lot. The "rest" part is pretty tricky now that he isn't in as much pain....
He couldn't have torn an ACL so young, could he?
I don't know. Was my first thought, but the ortho didn't mention it. He said puppies are mostly cartilage at this age, so it's hard to identify what is injured. I'm sure if it doesn't heal on its own, that will have to be discussed.
Have you ever tried to put a 7 wk old puppy on "bed rest"?

Good grief!

He is a lovely little lad, though.
What a cutie! And I can totally relate to the problem. It can't be much more difficult than explain to an 8-y-o-cat that he mustn't jump at all after his knee surgery earlier this year... we had an interesting time. ;O) A swift recovery for the small one, and good nerves for you!
Yep. They just don't listen, do they? LOL