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Smile please

September 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger


Until I went looking for circles, this week, I hadn't realised how many clocks there are on our streets. I had never noticed these two before. I love that roof line.

And because of the recent anniversary of the start of the First World War, this seemed fitting - lest we forget.
Although, there are always wreaths on this memorial. I suppose there is always an anniversary.
The First World War memorial is about 50 yards north of this one and I posted some pictures of the Boer War memorial, earlier in the year.

But I went a bit crazy on circles, so there is another one behind the cut

On a different note, this is a municipal flowerbed on the cliff top at Cullercoats. The three big, ship shaped planters in the middle are very silly and kind of fun.



I love that roof line too. What a complex creation!
Yeah, I would love for a chance to go up into their attic.
Good grief - did the architect get paid by the turret!?!?! What a great roof line - it doesn't look English does it!
Isn't it wonderful.
Those clock faces, and their whole roofline, are wonderful. I googled the building to see just where it was - and have to admit that it wasn't where I thought it was, and I don't think I ever really noticed it, even though I must have walked past it so many times in past years.

I nearly took a picture of poppy wreathes too

And I love the municipal flower beds.
It's the local branch of Waterstones, right on Monument. I would love a chance to go up into the attic, to see what it looks like from inside.

I have found the centenary very affecting. I would recommend this last Saturday's edition of iPM on Radio 4, if you have half an hour to spare and did not catch it live.

As for the flowerbeds... they are very silly, but yes, I like them too.
That roofline is rather splendidly over the top:)
Isn't it just.
What a beautiful building!
Isn't it? It's just a book shop, but that roof line is amazing.