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Smile please

April 2019



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Elvis Stitch

wildrider in photo_scavenger


This is the tomb of Governor George W.P. Hunt, who was the first Governor of Arizona (technically a pyramid, but...):

Read more about Governor Hunt and Arizona's wacky history. :)


Not only a neat response - but what an amazing thing to be buried there in a pyramid.
How intriguing!
Wow, that's amazing. What an eccentric idea - not only the idea of a white pyramid, but the splendid and ostentatious isolation of it.
It was the days when you could actually love an Arizona conservative. :)
What an interesting response to the prompt, and it is a memorial to a highly interesting man.
*heh* a tomb with a view
I knew nothing about this guy. Thank you for sharing it and I love his pyramid! I do get amused by this sort of line though in the article: (The pyramid sits atop a hill and offers spectacular views of Phoenix in every direction.)

Is a spectacular view a must after you die? I suppose the view is for the visitors but still, it's a funny concept, especially since the dead rarely have windows.
They do always seem to make much of the view from a hillside tomb, don't they? But I think it's mostly for hikers who go up there -- it's a good walk through the park -- and does offer a nice view on clear days.

Usually I see it from this angle, which is from the Phoenix Zoo; I've never taken the trail up there, so I can't really speak for the views FROM the tomb!