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Smile please

September 2019



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Pumpkin Pie

wildrider in photo_scavenger


Colorful glass circles, by Chihuly:


Oooh, I love his work. This is a really nice shot. All the colors really pop.
Those are gorgeous.
Oh, very pretty.
What playful colors. I love how there ar so manyu sizes.
That is absolutely beautiful!
They are beautiful. I have seen photos of some of his larger installations, but your collection of many small sized ones have a special beauty. The colours are wonderful.
This display was just part of a much larger exhibit - some GORGEOUS pieces, decorating a garden in Seattle, near the Space Needle.
Ah, Chihuly.
Great photo!
I love, love, love his work!

If we'd had more money at this exhibit, I would have gotten the black umbrella with the underside that looked like the glass flower ceiling...

He is my Most Favorite Artist of All Time.
Yes, the caps were necessary. ;-)
I first heard about him years and years ago watching a PBS special about him. I've loved blown glass my whole life and his work is an embodiment of everything I love about it.
I've only seen his work in person in Las Vegas, and there's a piece in the Diabetes area of Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville.
I got to see the ceiling of the Bellagio lobby, and there's a Chihuly store in the hotel, also, with more pieces outside of it. I, of course, went in, even though I knew I couldn't afford any of it, lol. Even more stunning in person.
The piece at Vanderbilt is a donated piece from his basket collection. It was in the waiting room and I sat and mooned at it the whole time I was there waiting on my sister.
Yes, I am a goofball. :-D

Ooooo! An umbrella!
*googles "Chihuly umbrella"*
Was this it?

Edited at 2014-08-20 08:00 pm (UTC)
Yep, that's the umbrella!

I've been to Vegas dozens of times, and am VERY familiar with his work at the Bellagio (we've stayed there a few times) -- the ceiling, the store, and the blue sculpture just inside the Baccarat Lounge. He's also got chandeliers at the Gold Nugget, downtown.

He did a marvelous show at the Arizona Desert Botanical Gardens here (I have pictures of that one, as well) -- it's on display again this year, but we haven't had a chance to get out there. (Not sure if it's still up -- I should check that -- nope, we missed it! Dang!)

They were showing that documentary at the museum in Seattle where I took this picture. It was amazing.
Your icon cracks me up.

"It's a sombrero. I wear a sombrero now. Sombreros are cool."
Yes! I forget the artist who did that -- I think it was nine different hats. I'll have to see if I can find the original. I cut out a few of my favorites for icons (see this one!).
That's absolutely gorgeous
So pretty! I love these things. Great photo too. Love the lighting and the reflection.