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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


This may seem odd to some people but because I live a long way from anything worthwhile, I drive a great deal.  So, this is my home away from home, my car, Shadowfax.  I have eaten in this car and I have slept in it.  I have changed clothing in it.  I have had friends in it.  I have spent entire days in it.  I keep important things in it.  There are times when it is more like home to me than my house.

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and this is my former home, Gandalf.  I had this car when I was driving 60 miles a day to work and then 60 miles home again so he was really a home to me since I was driving all the time at that point.

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I recognise your sentiments exactly - even though our island is quite small my job means I travel all over it, and I feel as if I sometimes live in the car!
It's strange but at times I feel like I live in my car and that I just visit my house when I'm in the neighborhood. lol
You have a car called Shadowfax; that's brilliant.
I don't envy you all that driving, though.
Fortunately, I love o drive. I love long trips where I am in my car alone with my favorite music or a really good audio book and trip snacks.
I need all of my cars, starting with my first car to the present. This little, white, G5 just fell like a Shadowfax to me when it came time for names. : )
Great choice!
Thank you!
Pontiac FTW!

I'm on my third Grand Am.... first one was stolen and wrecked and someone ran a red light and totaled my second. I'm on my third now and doing well :D
A Pontiac person! *waves*
We had a Grand Prix, my long left-me husband and I, that I called the big, blue, boat. It was old-style when cars were huge and you could put a family of five in your backseat. We drove it for about six years and loved it. It's the only full-size car I've ever owned.
This little G5 is my baby. I love this car for so many reasons and I can't imagine why we no longer have Pontiacs. It's not fair.
Nice homes:-)