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Smile please

September 2019



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Pumpkin Pie

wildrider in photo_scavenger


Did someone say bottles?

My curio, with mostly my bitters and antiques, as well as some various wine and milk bottles:

Closeup of the miniature (replica) bitters, all Wheaton glass:

Mosel Kat Reisling wine bottles (and it's good wine, too):

(They re-issue these once in a while, usually around Halloween.)

Mostly cobalt blue bottles, wine, and Jim Beam decanters:

Real antique Coke bottles, a few more recent replicas, Sarsaparilla, and an Orbitz soda from the 80's (please ignore the dust!):


Oh my goodness, what a collection! Are those antique Coke bottles unopened?
No, sadly, the empty out front is the only real antique (if you look closely you'll note the filled ones actually say "Coke Classic," which dates them) -- one of them is marked "Grand Canyon Railway," too. :)

Oh wow... Clearly Canadian! I haven't seen that stuff in ages!
I know! It was good, too.

(And some of the stuff that's still in production, like Arizona Ice Tea, is in plastic bottles now...)

Gosh, I would love to have a close look at the contents of your cabinet. Lot's of lovely and interesting pieces in it.
And it's hard to get really good pictures, because of the glass and the mirrored back -- I was trying to get someplace with the least amount of glare to get a good shot!

I'm very proud of my collection -- I've been collecting the bitters bottles since I was in 5th grade.
I also have a glass and mirror cabinet filled with treasures. I tried to get a decent pic but gave up in despair. You may have noticed I took the bottles into the garden in order to get a reasonable pic.
Wow, what a collection! Very impressive.
I really like the variety of shapes in the second picture and the way the light catches the different colours. I think there is a blue one shaped like a man's head in there?
Yes! It's George Washington's head, actually -- I believe it's modeled on an inkwell, I'd have to look it up to double-check, though. May have simply been another bitters bottle initially.

A lot of my bottles are reproductions, but they're more than old enough to be authentic antiques on their own!
What fantastic colours! I'm so glad I thought of using 'bottles' for the challenge!
I have never seen so many bottles in one place! : )
The colors of the glass are beautiful. You have a lovely collection there. Very impressive!
Oddly, while the soda is getting a little cloudy, the little beads ARE still floating around in there! I'll have to get a closeup picture of them sometime....

Wow, this collection is truly awesome. I had a short phase where I collected blue bottles, and have them still, colouring the window sill of an otherwise boring window, or serving as vases. They're pretty boring in comparison. ;o)