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Smile please

September 2019



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myrhiann in photo_scavenger


This bottle I bought at my local St. Vincent's shop yesterday, for 50 cents. It had been a container for Limoncello, made in Mount Tambourine, Queensland, Australia. Queensland is where most of the sugar cane was grown, not so much now as all the coastal areas have been developed for housing, many of the residents having moved to a warmer climate to spend their retirement. The contents of the bottle were 24% proof, so I assume it must have been drunk in very small quantities. The folk Art was applied to the bottle after it was empty.
This bottle is a decanter, with a music box in the base which plays 'Orpheus in the Underworld' when the decanter is lifted. I suspect this is old enough to be classified as antique, as it was made in Japan and after 1939 Australia was at war with Japan, and for many years after did not trade with that country.I also bought this in a St. V's shop in Sydney many years ago, when I lived there. I lived near a very large St. V's shop which was the collection and distribution centre for a large area of Sydney which included wealthy suburbs. It used to be my Saturday's entertainment to go there and have a look at what was for sale. I had a good eye for bargain pieces and over the years acquired a cut crystal salad bowl, a cut crystal water jug with lily of the valley hand painted on it, a Villeroy and Bosch fruit plate which would have cost $300 purchased new, an antique hand blown red glass light fitting, and many other 'finds'. I assume many of the pieces I bought came from deceased estates, and it made me feel sad to see them in amongst the junk, so I gave them a loving home.

I'm late with this post. I did try to post it yesterday but it ended up in my journal, even though I had the settings correct. Better luck this time.


Those are both really beautiful.
Thank you. I love them.
Those are both really lovely. I have never heard of a decanter with a musical movement before.
Those are both really pretty.
I like the folk art on the first one; it really works with the shape of the bottle.
Does the green glass on the decanter have gold veining?
Yes, the decanter does have gold veining. I forgot to mention that. The other bottle took my eye because of the combination of colour and adornment, and I mainly bought it so I could take a pic of it. I have other bottles on my hard drive, but I was feeling too tired to try and find them.
These are so beautiful. I have seen them already at your journal, but finally I find time to come here again, too.