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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


These guys sit on my key shelf. They are The Guardians of The Keys. Despite his V on his tummy the bear is called Húrin...

keys mainly 001

In the foreseeable future Húrin's companion will be out of a job as he looks after my work keys - and I won't need any of these when I retire next year.

keys mainly 002


Guardians of the keys! I love that so much.
Thank you! There is even a relief guardian who is a rather elderly pink hamster.
The Guardians of the 'Keys' are very charming.
Thank you.
His companion is very cute, though I can't tell what he is. Also, I envy you getting to retire. I don't think I'll ever be able to. *sob*
The companion is a very odd wee beasty - a red body and a pair of white wings with black spots on!

I am able to draw my work pension, and have decided it is now enough to live on - S2C has made a similar decision and is also giving up work. Although it is quite possible that either of us might get the odd part-time job, though.
The Companion to the Guardian of The Keys sounds like the sort of title that could really exist, in Westminster, or royal circles. He/she should probably get a medal when you retire.
It does sound like that doesn't it? It hadn't occurred to me! Yes - definitely up for a medal, then!
A bear named Húrin, that is very cute. :o) His pal will get a nice retirement place, I suppose?
I think once I no longer need two keyrings, the companion and Húrin can take turns looking after the remaining ones!