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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

Favourite places

One of my favourite places is the upper valley of the Sulby river - near the top it is quite heavily wooded...

tholt y will 3

A little lower down you can occasionally find interesting figures just lurking...



We went for a lovely woodland walk before lunch today (while the roast was in the oven - and snaffled some late blackberries for pudding...) We didn't encounter Radagast, though!
I really must pick some more blackberries - but we are still only mid-season yet so I have a couple of weeks yet!
You have caught a very interesting variety of shapes and colours in that first shot.

As for the second - she (he?) is just wonderful.
Thank you. That is the he - the relevant she looks like this!
Oooh, that looks like a wild, secret place to explore.
It is - and very much a favourite spot for me.
(Finally back here, too, after a far too long enforced hiatus...)
This looks so lush and full of secret and mysterious places. And then to have the figures, too - awesome .
Nice to see you back here!

The Sulby valley is one of my very favourite places - for a couple of years there was an even bigger figure a little further up -

Sulby Glen  - a figure in the distance

He was like a giant Radagast!
Just stunning!
Thank you. You can see why it is a favourite spot.
So beautiful! So many wonderful little places like this in the world!
It's good to know that they still exist, isn't it?
Those woods look very wild and woolly!
I always think there really should be elves...
I can see why this is one of your favourite places. You would literally be stepping into another world, and expect to see elves and other folk in that magical place.
It really is the sort of place where you expect to meet elves - or have a rabbit come up and give you a message!
It all looks so peaceful.
You can see why it is a favourite spot of mine.