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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger

Favorite Places

This one I can do, with little trouble at all except narrowing it down to only a few pictures of the hundreds I have. Taken in and of the North Carolina mountains. I decided just to go with two shots of the mountains and one close up of rocks (lots of rocks, ferns, waterfalls, and amazing views - couldn't choose).

 photo IMG_1651_zpsa6510a82.jpg

 photo IMG_1587_zps05e7b5fe.jpg

 photo IMG_1589_zpsa0e6996c.jpg


Gorgeous, gorgeous country. (And pics of waterfalls are always appreciated!)
It truly is beautiful down there. A lovely place to visit for a few days to decompress. I pulled out about 10 pics, then decided that was too many, so I just went with the ones that show the general area and one of the many awesome stone formations.
Stunning landscapes.
Thanks. These barely touch it. :)
The first one is really dramatic. It reminds me of Norway and of NSW, around Katoomba.
The second and third look like that famous picture called 'Blue Hills'. I like yours better, because they are real.
There are some wonderful rock formations in places. It's hard to capture them with a camera. And yes, those miles and miles of rolling hills and steep mountains is quite a sight.
Truly beautiful! This must be a very special place.
I hear you on the difficulty to choose images for showing! I haven't done galleries of our travelling pics since at least three or four years, or longer, since I simply did not get through the amount of pictures yet.
It's really beautiful all the way there, but there are fewer people and buildings, and more rocks and waterfalls, farther south from here.
Those are awesome. I love that part of the country! Is that first one Chimney Rock? Because for some reason the score from Last of the Mohicans is now playing in my head... :D
I don't think it is Chimney Rock, but it's from that area I think. LOL and yes, LotM would definitely come to mind!
Oh what beautiful, beautiful, pictures!
Lovely shots, and like thismaz I am reminded of the country around Katoomba in NSW.
I can see why you like it there. Just beautiful!