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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

A favourite place

I haven't participated in far too long, so I hope you'll take me back! ;o)
Here is one of my favourite places, Ristinge beach on Langeland island, Denmark. I get there only about once every other year or less, but I've been there since my childhood and this is also the place I withdraw to to meditate or just find inner peace when it's not to be found outside.

I'm trying to catch up doing the old challenges as well as commenting to the older entries, too, but I'm afraid they are far too many to manage them all.


I can almost smell the sea air!
:o) It's the Baltic sea with little salt, so it is not as "aromatic" as on the North sea or the Atlantic, but it's lovely all the same.
So lovely and peaceful!
It is nice to see you joining in again - don't worry about the missed ones unless you need a few prompts to get you out of the house!

And what a lovely picture of a place that I can absolutely see would be a good place for meditation and peace and quiet.
Thanks! :o)

You're probably right, I should just start from now on and not worry about the old prompts. I would like to, though... it's just a bit difficult to find the old challenges. Do you have a tag that collects them all?

They are all tagged 'administrative', and there is a list of the promps for the year so far on the profile page.
*facepalm* I looked for any kind of tag I could think of, but not that one. Thanks!
What a lovely, lovely place. It takes me back to my childhood, when my father's family had a shared 'shack' at a beach, which in those days could only be reached by ferry. Your photo gives me the same feeling of peace.
I so envy all those people who had or have relatively easy access to any beach or the coast - as in, close enough you could go daily, or at least at the weekends. And have your own shack! ♥ It remembers me of the typically Danish bathing huts which used to be on this beach, too, but have long since gone.
I'm really happy you found this feeling back with my pic!
A beautiful place!
Thank you!
Lovely broad sky.
And I really like the angle you have taken it at, so that the waves provide action without disturbing the peace.
Thank you! This was taken in February, where the air was very crisp and clear, which causes that "wide" feeling, I think. I was also not paying attention to the waves at all, but trying to catch the spry on the sand in a beautiful pattern. :o)
How very lovely! This is a beautiful photo. Love the look of the sky. (I'm behind too btw)
Thanks! I never tire of this beach, or any beach for that matter, and sky with or without the sea beneath. ;o)

I have been away from this community so long I'm taking curiouswombat's offer to leave out the prompts I have missed; I think it's nearly six months or so.