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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This is a picture of childhood in the 1890's;

family history pictures 001

My grandfather is the little boy on the right. (If you are interested I did a post a long time ago about the family, and why they all look so grumpy in that picture - it is here.)

I can't immediately find any pictures of my parents as children - but this is childhood in the 1960s -

Yes - I did have my hair permed...

And now to 1990 -

Sand.....! photo Beachagedabout2.jpg


Great pics! I can do this. Not right now, but later tonight when I've returned from grandson sitting and a dog club meeting...
Grandson sitting - you have an instant subject!
LOL That was my plan, however, turned out I was to take his older sister to her soccer game (5 yr olds - have you any idea how excruciating that is?) and everyone was in a rush - so not single picture of anybody. But I can do it anyway. Just have to pull some old pictures.
What a wonderful grouping of photos of your family. Lucky you to be able to move back that far in photos.

- Erulisse (one L)
I am slowly becoming the keeper of the records for my mother's family - so I have a lot that go back a long way! It is a privilege to have them, I have come to realise.

I think we all wore something plaid in the 1960s! I remember my plaid dress.
Yes - I had a kilt, too - but my sister looked particularly cute in hers!
Wonderful pictures. That would be D-d in the last one? Love the expression on her face; had she been eating sand?
Thank you. It would. And she had, indeed, been trying to eat sand - well spotted!
Great photos! I love the facial expression on the child in the last one. Adorable!
She had just discovered that sand is not good to put in your mouth...
Haha, you have the coolest pics from your dautghter! :oD And a lovely collection of generation pics, too.
I took quite a lot of pictures of her as she grew up!

Although it was my brother-in-law who took the one in the icon...
Great collection of photos
Thank you. Oddly, the 190's young lady would have been really pleased if she had been given the hat of her 1890's ancestor - she loved hats as a child.