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Smile please

September 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger


There have been some wonderful pictures of children and generations this week, but this was a difficult one for me, because I don't really have much from my own childhood and I don't have children of my own. (I also very strongly suspect that any attempt to photograph random children on the street would not be viewed favourably by their parents. *g*)

Then I remembered this http://www.flickr.com/photos/terry_wha/2263107566/
Not my picture, so linked rather than reproduced and a messy link because I had to copy and paste it into the address box to make it work.

This is a childhood memory for me and the period (approximately 40 years ago) is right too.

This is the same place now and I don't think it's sad; it is testament to the changing of the times.

Although there is a nostalgic campaign to restore it, I kind of like it as it is -


That looks like it was a fun place, and a wonderful memory.
Thanks, yes, it is one of those frozen memories from childhood.
S2C says he remembers it more like the second than the first...

I remember a similar one in Ramsey as a small child - but eventually a storm demolished part of the wall between pool and sea and they knocked it all down. Sadly I suspect the Tynemouth one might eventually go the same way.
We only visited once, on a day trip to Tynemouth. We lived out in Northumberland at the time, so a visit to the seaside was a visit to the exotic. I think that's why it is so clear a memory.

Yes, it might get demolished by the sea, but it is incredibly solidly built and they filled it with large rocks, which will probably also protect it.
Wow, quite a difference. But I'm sure the same could be said of many places that are part of our childhood memories.
So different. Visiting when it was open is a single memory and it actually took me a few years, when I came back, to connect the place now with the memory from then.
So many places from my own childhood are gone now, completely gone. I can see why you like it as it is. It's like an echo.
That's a great description. Yes, that is what it's like.
This is a great answer to this prompt (and much more interesting than kid pics, I think; I chose one simply because I didn't have any of such a place or so. *g*) and a great memory, too, I think. It must have been a lovely place to swim!
Can you also bathe there in the sea proper or is it too dangerous? Personally I prefer to bathe in natural surroundings, but for proper swimming a pool is much better, of course.

Edited at 2014-09-29 09:12 am (UTC)
Thank you.
I remember the water being very cold. Maybe it hadn't had enough time in sun to warm up.
Yes, you can bath in the sea there now. I'm not sure how clean it was back then, though. We certainly went paddling.
But the fact that the sea is clean enough for swimming and they have life guards on duty is the reason I don't think the pool will be resurrected.
I didn't consider pollution might have been a cause for a built pool, rather thought of the practical aspects of having a basin suitable for athletic swimming.
You're probably right; it probably was why the pool was built. But this is the North Sea, so until we all started cleaning up our rivers in the 60s and 70s.... *g*
Certainly not what it used to be...
No, but I think it has a melancholy beauty *g*