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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger

Face, Favorite place, and family (I'm trying to catch up)


I was on a walk the other day and came across this little face amid a flower bed.

Favorite Place:

WinterPlace 2 486
I love to be in my car going somewhere, so I guess my car is my favorite place.


From Scanner 053
These three little kittens were born on my porch.  They are all from the same litter.  This photo
was taken in the spring of 2000.  The gray one is the the only male, 'Blue'.  In the flower pot with him
is one of the twins, 'Spice' and just behind the flower pot is the other twin, 'Ginger or Ginny'.  I have
always called them my flower pot kitties.  They are family and have been together all their lives so
far.  They are currently 14 years old and still adorable.
Here are Spice and Blue.

cats out back 2009 046
And here is Ginny.


Oh, how terrific to have feline siblings! I remember to have seen them before, but did not know yet that they were born on your porch. They are such beauties! :o)

I also love your choice for the other two prompts.
Thank you! Yes, for some reason, our house is a great place to give birth to kittens. : )
Love your furry family!
They are my treasures.
Great responses! I especially love #2 (very clever) and #3 (very cute).
Thank you. : )


I love your flowerpot family - and the smiley face made me smile, too.

Re: I

Thank you. They are darlings. I enjoyed finding the smiley face on my walk. It brightened my day. Glad it gave you a smile too.
Cats in a flowerpot. Brilliant. Blue, now, looks like one of the cats we had when I was a child.
And I like the sun face.
Interesting that the landscape behind your car looks very like some of the urban countryside around where I live.
Yes, those kittens are the best things to ever grow out of that pot. : )
The place where the car is parked in that photo is our state park. It's the only truly lovely area near my home.
Love this cheery face!
And the cheery face turned up just when I needed a photo of a face. : ) That was lucky.
Lovely bunch of cats:)