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Smile please

September 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger


On Tuesday? Wednesday? morning I went along the front to photograph this public bench.

The sand castle structures are windbreaks with views out over the sea.
The reason for the fun fair ride names on the benches is that they are next to the now closed Spanish City. There are others that says 'Helter Skelter', 'Cyclone' and 'Social Whirl'.

And as I was walking along the top I caught the sun rise and took this picture of the sun riding on the deck of a ship.

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Those are stunning pics! (I hate dark winter mornings, but there is the consolation that one can take sunrise pics without having to be up at 5 am...)
Thank you.
The sun is rising here at about 7.30 at the moment, so it is not yet really dark as I leave, but I am with you in disliking the dark mornings of winter. There were a couple of really beautiful sunrises this week.
A fun ride indeed! :o) But what a spectacular sunrise! This totally blows my mind away.
*g* I was lucky with the angle there.
It was beautiful. About 10 minutes earlier there were more colours - purples and blues - and they were amazing too.
That sunrise pic is stunning. Thanks for taking these photos for us!
Thank you and you are very welcome.
I'd never thought of what was there nw the Spanish City isn't - thank you! I love that second one especially, though.

Oh, no, Spanish City is still there, it's just closed. The building is surrounded by hoardings but it was painted recently. I have a vague feeling that it is listed.
Thank you. I was luck with the angle there.
Those are both wonderful, and the second is very clever, besides.
Thank you. I was luck with the angle - that they lined up so perfectly.
Beautiful sunset! I love photos of benches too. I have a collection of them.
Thank you very much. Although it was actually sunrise *g* (I live on the East coast)

*laughs* That is funny (and also reassuring - to know someone else has such a collection) because I have a whole set of photos of one particular park bench, taken over a period of months. I don't know why I was obsessed by it, but I was. I suspect the only reason I don't have more is because I stopped going to work by that route *g*
nice shots:)
Thank you.