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Smile please

September 2019



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Pippin pirate

shirebound in photo_scavenger



Pippin: Mommy, what is this?

Me: It's your new stroller! See, there are lots of windows, even up at the top, so you can always see me when it's zipped. And I put in your favorite blankie.

Pippin: It's very comfortable, but... I don't anticipate doing too much strolling in here. Maybe you should get your money back?

Me: No, sweetie, it's called a 'stroller' because I can stroll while I wheel you at places that don't appreciate doggies walking around.

Pippin: Those types of places are just plain silly.

Me: True, but it'll be fun to be able to take you to...

Pippin: The grocery store where my snacks come from! What are we waiting for? Let's get strolling!


How cute!
Glad you enjoyed! My pup is very inspiring.
Just adorable!
She truly is!
Oh I love the little conversation!
And I am now wondering if any of my cats would enjoy a stroller...dangerous thoughts I know but still...

PipDog looks adorable.
She's dangerously cute.

I suspect that it's more socially acceptable to carry a cat in a basket into a store than it is to bring a dog on a leash. *sigh* A cat in a stroller would look so adorable.
LOL! So cute.
Glad you enjoyed! :)
Very cute:)
Thanks. :)
*laughs* So that gets around the 'tie the dog to a railing while you go into the shop', then? Neat.
I hope it works out well!
Pippin's window on the world!
The Queen on her throne. :)
How cute, and such a sweet story to go with it! ♥ Actually, I never thought of this purpose of these things. I confess they were for dogs too small to walk as much as their humans... *blush*
That probably *is* one of the purposes! It's also nice to have this put away in case Pip is ever injured or ill, or (someday) having trouble walking too far.

Glad you enjoyed! :)