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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Blocks in a block

My husband's work of the weekend:

We didn't use all of last year's firewood, so this year's supply didn't fit into our wood shack. So he made this which acutally is far too decorative to be used...
(And isn't he accomodating to anticipate this week's prompt in this way? *g* )
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It looks great! How creative!
Thanks! But it's really only a practical thing, the nice look is just the added bonus.
And very helpful of your husband, to make it this week instead of next.
Sometimes I miss having a real fire, but then I remember how long it took to warm a room that way and the job of clearing the grate *g*
Oh, the wood was lying around already for three weeks or so. *g*
We're living in a wooden house, very untypical for Southern Germany, and also have the kind of fireside which is now high in fashion, the previous model to this one. It's a convection stove, which means it has a second metal shell around the stove proper with large slits, and the hot air circulates through the room exactly like with a wall-mounted radiator, just much quicker. Such a stove can heat up a room or house very quickly and is very effective. There is a special kind of grate which causes very little ash, and even if you just use such a stove you have to empty the ash drawer only once or twice a week, and this is very quickly done (take out drawer, empty in bin, put back). The air intake for the fire is automatic, and you just have to put up a block every half hour to one-and-a-half hour, depending on the size of the blocks and the stove.
Our modern house is highly insulated and doesn't need much of a fire as we're also having radiators and central heating (with a wood pellet-burning furnace), because we don't have the skill, energy and time to provide sufficient firewood for a reasonable price; getting it delivered in this way is not exactly cheap, but all right for the little we need.
My parents and sister have both brick houses, nearly 40 years old in my parent's case and new and highly insulated in my sister's. Both have the same kind of stove, my parents our size, my sister a much larger one. My parents just heat their living-dining-kitchen area with it, leaving the doors open, and also only as an addition; like us they're providing a continous but very basic warmth by the main furnace (oil in their case, thoug). My sister has underfloor heating powered by a thermal solar system or electric power to take the chill out of the floor (sine they have small children), but the stove is used for most of the heating. It runs only for an hour in the morning and from the early evening on, but that's sufficient. We both have our houses planned so the indoor staircase to the upper floor permits the warmth to go upstairs and warm the rooms when the doors are open. The insulated walls are sufficient to keep the warmth inside when the doors are closed. My sister needs about an hour to get her large living, dining and kitchen area from about 17°C to about 22°C, we need about half an hour for the same, but our wooden walls don't absorb any of the heat so it goes faster.
I know about the difficulties you mention, though, from the former open fireside of my parents. Lots of work, much to clean out, and little warmth to get from it. I'm fascinated how modern technology can make such an old way of providing comfort usable again.

Edit: Sorry, the linked stove is my sister's, our's is a smaller model.

Edited at 2014-10-22 12:22 pm (UTC)
It is true, the technology really has moved on, both the efficiency of the heating and of the insulation that keeps it inside. Some of the solutions I've seen are really impressive.
He should get credit for an assist. : )
*g* Thanks! I'm particularly proud of him since his solutions are often.... let's say not completely thought trough. *g*
That really is almost too decorative to be used!
Cleaning up your inbox reveals all kinds of treasures... including the notification for this. *g* (Sorry for any other comments I have missed, but answering them all now so late seems a bit silly....)
We've put it to good use over the winter; Siljan filled it up on the weekend and even with snow it would have been rather comfortable. Currently, it's filled up only 2/3rds, and has become a favourite hiding/sitting/resting space of Findis. She also loves to balance on the roof, although it's rather steep even for her.