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Smile please

September 2019



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At 5pm yesterday, Fenwicks unveiled their Christmas window. There was no way I could have got close enough to see it, let alone photograph it -

But judging by these people, it is based on Alice in Wonderland.

They were handing out sweets to the crowds waiting in the queue.
There was also an Alice on stilts, carrying a pink flamingo.

It was a bit chill, but everybody was very good natured.

For a moment it seemed like it had begun to snow and it had, although it was actually a light sprinkling of artificial snow coming from the roof of the shop.


D-d still remembers us taking her back to the North East in November 1991, when she was 3, and seeing Fenwicks' window. There was Jack Frost, and skating penguins... It is one of her earlies childhood memories.

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One of the big markers of Christmas in the city, isn't it? They made a real event of it this year, with hoardings all across the front of the shop for the week before.
That is a good answer to the prompt. But what is Fenwick's Christmas Window? Please enlighten those from abroad! *g*
Decorated shop windows are a tradition among large department stores. And Fenwicks is the biggest shop in the city centre. They take all the goods out of the windows and fill the space with scenes that tell a story, from one end of the shop front to the other - fairy tales, Santa's preparations for Christmas, the nativity story... Each widow is totally filled by a landscape, or room, and populated by model characters, usually animated.
Part of the fun is in noticing the the little jokes in the corners. A few years ago they did the nativity story and I remember a small character at the back of one window who was holding up a sign that read "Romans Go Home".
It is a bit of a family event, with parents bringing their kids into town to see.
Wow, what a crowd! Thanks for sharing the festivities with us.
Yes, there really was a crowd - the queue went all the way to the end of the street and around the corner.
You're welcome.
Can't believe the Christmas windows are already here!
I know. The days when the Christmas lead in didn't begin until 1st December, are long gone, I fear *g*
On the other hand, better than the pub I saw in Manchester that had a decorated tree up in the middle of last month.