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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger


So, it was chilly and very windy yesterday, but this is what I did in spite of that.

 photo 10360443_10205182853479788_8282903133124432676_n_zps3f317716.jpg


What a nice way to spend the day! I haven't been on a horse in... maybe 30 years.
I started back last summer. Until then, I hadn't been on a horse in over 30 years, more than that since I'd actually done any serious riding. My body still isn't sure we should be doing this, but at least it remembers how. Now if I can just convince the muscles that they can do it.... :)
A very good way to spend the day!
A great way to spend a nice fall day in our part of the country. :)
You seem both to have enjoyed it very much! :o)
Me more so than Lucy, probably. LOL
Lucky you!
Yep. Life is good. I'm lucky to live where I do.
Yep. Life is good. I'm lucky to live where I do.
What a nice way to spend a day.
It is. Nicer when the wind isn't howling, but even so...
*sighs* I miss riding, but it's just too expensive!!
I lease Lucy (or a given amount of her time), so it's really not very expensive where I ride. I was lucky to stubble onto a near-by, low-key barn where I didn't have to pay an arm and three legs for riding time. I spent very little on stuff to wear - inexpensive child-size helmet (we didn't wear those back in the day), half-chaps for my legs, and Ariat paddock boots which are so comfortable I wear them all the time. I do have more saddles then necessary, but one is my 50-year old jumping saddle from back in the day, one is a cheapy I bought because I really don't fit in to y old saddle very well, one belongs to a long-time friend who is my size and doesn't ride anymore (that's a loaner - it was custom-made for her and I treat it like it was gold) and a used dressage saddle that's my size and comfy. Both of the new, used one can be sold as soon as I really have to admit I'm too old for this. LOL Any time I'm tempted to get my own horse, I remind myself that I'm not paying for food, the farrier, shots, and all the accompanying expenses.
On the other hand, we just had our barn/run-in shed refurbished and the fences are being replaced this month, so....