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Smile please

April 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Yesterday, they seemed so small....

We got kittens, literally - three 12-week-old ones moved in yesterday, and they are SO small!

The cat bet you see there is of our adult Skrållan, who is herself a rather small cat. But she fills it completly....

And it also seemed only yesterday that they were so much smaller, though it has been just six weeks. *g* (The pic is not by me, though.)


Eeeee, the kitties are here! *melts from the adorableness*
:o) ♥
Congratulations, they are just adorable! Harry was just 7 weeks when I had him and so tiny. Now he is huge! Enjoy the brief time they are so little.
With the three of them, I already have moments when I look forward to when they're no longer little. *g*
*wibbles* Also, I'm a total sucker for black cats.
:o) I never was into them before. At first, we only wanted one girl, the tiger. Then my husband confessed he had fallen in love with one of the blacks (the one with the head of a fox) and always had wanted a black one. Ok... and then, nobody else was found for #3 (they are abandoned barn cats and the woman who raised them has already 10 of her own) and it was unclear what should happen with him. Who can resist that? I'm already totally in love particularly with #3. *g*
They are gorgeous!
Aren't they? ♥ And also a handful. *g*
Hee, two prompts at once. Very clever.

They are sooo cute.
The second prompt was my saviour, since I had no idea for the first until it came. *g*
:o) And they just know how cute they are!
Oh, they are adorable! I want to hold them all. I just love kittens. Great photos whoever took them. Black cats aren't easy to photograph.
Holding is difficult at the moment, they're far too active! :o)
Yes, shooting black cats is a challenge, I was quite lucky with the light for that pic.