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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger

Small, Red, Wheel, Music, Yesterday

I'm trying to catch up so rather than subject everyone to five posts, I've put them all in one post.


This is Piper.  She is a about a year and a half old now but this was when I first found her wandering around alone in the road one dark night.  I had planned to find a home for her and I did, my house.  She's about eight weeks old in this picture.  She was small then and she is still a small cat, only about six pounds.

Piper and Tidy Cat

This is a bright red leaf amid the brown ones.

Red Leaf

These are potiental wheels.  Right at this moment, they are tires either waiting to be put onto wheels or having been
removed from wheels.  Either way, they have the potiental to be wheels.



This is a group of musicians from Kentucky.  They were visiting family and decided to have a little jam
session out on the sidewalk.  I was passing by and heard them playing and singing blue grass and
gospel music.  Nice harmony.


And as for yesterday, well, it seems like only yesterday that it was spring so...



Nice set - I especially like the composition (and the idea) of Yesterday
Thank you. That was a desperate, last-minute choice. I'm so glad it worked.
That's a great assortment. Awwww, wee Piper! Who could resist her?
She won me over pretty quickly. She is a charming little trouble-maker. It's like having a child in the house again. lol
Well done! Great use of the prompts. :)
Thank you!
Oooh - I do love a big post as much as one at a time - so many good things all at once.

Hard to be sure, especially with such a beautiful small thing, but I think my favourite of the batch might be 'red'.
Thank you! I liked Red too. I almost kept looking for a more Christmas-like Red but that leaf is one that was in my front yard from my maple tree so it was special and it was a lucky find. Most of the maple's leaves have been golden, yellow, or just brown. It stood out as if I placed it there for the photo. I'm glad you liked it too.
Love your photos,especially Piper.
Thank you! Piper is my little darling. I have always had a thing for black cats in the same way you have your ginger boys. I have other colors of cats but my first cat was black and I think she convinced me that I always need at least one black cat in the house.
A sweet little cat is lovely to have. A friend had a very sweet black cat. My love for gingers stemmed for a cat my neighbour had when I was in my teens.
A lovely collection of photographs - such variety of subject and focus (pun intended *g*)
Some very good catch-ups there:)
This is so amazing - your Piper looks like a carbon copy of our little Borka. Or his brother Mattis... Borka has the same head shape and eye colour, but a white patch a tad whiter, while Mattis' patch is like Piper's, but he has a slimmer head and yellow eyes.
I'm so happy she found her home with you. Wandering alone at that age on the street - oh my....

Love also all your other answers to the prompt!