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Smile please

September 2019



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Catching up: red & music

I'm again horribly behind on commenting on posts, and with the newest prompts. I wrote NaNo again, but it's   really bad for your social life...

A shed at the tiny fishing / yachting harbour where we spent a lovely holiday week in October (very literally, as the flats were in a row of houses erected on a former ferry quay).

Not very original - the keys of my badly neglected piano. It doesn't help to be owned by a cat who hates any kind of life music and bites you if you play, no matter what.
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Oh dear, a cat with no appreciation for music (except for kittie yowls, I suspect).
Darn, I'm so sorry for the late reply... writing LotR SeSa has really messed up with my December schedule! *g*

Well, he yowls quite loudly himself, that's for sure. We sometimes say he is sound propelled... he is half Oriental Shorthair, and you perhaps know that oriental cats do communicate a lot, and quite loud. He certainly does, though he has settled a bit since the kittens are here.
I like both of them - but especially that red shed; it really stands out against the grey blues of sea and sky.
Thanks! (And sorry for the late reply; writing LotR SeSa messed up badly with my December schedule). I love this intense, warm red you see so often in Scandinavia very much. We even painted our house in much the same shade. *g* But it looks best in the crips autumn air against the backdrop of the harbour, I think.
*points up at curiouswombat's comment* Almost word for word what I was planning to say *g*

Thanks! :o) It's one of my favourite colours for builidngs. (Sorry for the late reply, too.)
My cats aren't much for music either. They really hate whistling and they aren't big on any sounds that come from my cell phone except the rain sound that I have to sleep by. They like it.
Great photos!
Thanks! The other cats don't mind (though I haven't tried our kittens with the piano yet), and the music hater at least doesn't mind electronic music or anything coming from little flat boxes. But the piano, or a flute, or, worse even, a hurdy-gurdy - unbearable.