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Smile please

September 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger


More playing with the 'special effects' setting on my camera - a picture I took in the summer of some rather oddly pruned trees.

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That's a great shot. It looks like a leafy choo-choo train.
Thank you.

*laughs* Yes, they do like they are going somewhere, don't they.
They look very much like trees in an architect's drawing. How odd to think of them being real!
They do, don't they; I wonder if that was the point - someone loved the architect's drawing so much they decided it should be recreated - they are fairly new buildings.
I do rather like that effect.
So do I. Of all the special effects, it is the one I have played with most.
Looks very futuristic. I like it!
Thank you.
Great pic! What kind of effect is this?
Thanks. It's a setting that allows me to select one colour and the resultant picture is all in black and white, except for that one colour. I picked green for this one and red for the previous prompt.
That sounds cool. I need to look at the possibilities of my camera, maybe she has something similar. But the thing is so complex... *g*
I used to have a 'point and click' Canon camera, but this one is the next stage up in complexity. It is still fairly simple, though.
A colleague at work admired it as a 'nice, basic model'. She was a little embarrassed when I said it was my complicated camera *g*
*lol* I have a Canon Ixus for everyday use, but it's an older model without any spiffy extras - though I don't know if newer models have any. But I'm mostly using my SLR, a Canon EOS 40D. She's awesome, but I still often feel overwhelmed by all her possibilities. I chose her because I had the analogue predecessor and coud re-use my lenses, without realising that I was getting already a professional camera. But we're slowly growing on each other. *g*
Ah, yes, I had a quick look at her on Wikipedia. She does look more complex than mine *g*