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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger

Green, Stairs, and Present

I'm behind so I'm doing three in one go.
I'll start with Present and work my way back.
This is a photo of my first cat, Isis at Christmas time enjoying the presents.  She is the reason that I love black cats.
This is an old photo so the color isn't very good.  You can tell it's old if you look at the ice sickles on the tree.  You don't
see those very often any more and especially not with a cat in the house.  We were lucky that she never ate any of them.
Back then, we had no clue they were dangerous around animals.
So, Present(s).

Isis at Christmas Chidester house

I love these stairs because, if you look closely you can see that one section of them doesn't go anywhere at all.  There are stairs
and there are even handrails, but when you reach the top you just bump into the wall.  This was taken in 2007 at a B&B somewhere
in the UK.  i believe it was called "Hamsteel Hall" though my memory may be off on that part.  I love that the handrails and the carpet runner are still in place.

Scotland 2007 010

I love old bridges and this one is soon to be gone.  They are in the process of replacing it with a new one which will
be safe and sturdy but will have none of the charm of this one.  And it was and still mostly is, GREEN!

22014 Henlawson Bridge again


Great pics! Isis seemed pleased with her colorful fort.

I love wacky staircases like that. Do you know about the Winchester House? It's quite the tourist attraction.

Isis loved Christmas.

I have never heard of the Winchester House. I will have to google it. I'm guessing it has staircases?
I do love the present picture especially!
Thank you. I took that one ages ago.
Isis looks quite menacing there - staring out from the presents like that. She is beautiful.

I really like the stairs picture. I visited a house once that had a staircase up the side of the sitting room that went nowhere. It was used as a bookcase.

I suppose they'll be replacing that steel bridge with something in concrete?
Isis was normally not at all menacing unless you were a mouse or a small mole. She was a very good hunter and often brought us *gifts*. On other occasions she brought in live animals so she could hunt them on her home turf. Have you ever tried to catch a frightened chipmonk and put it back outside?

That's a cool idea for a book case. I bet that was lovely.

Yes, sadly the bridge is being replaced by one of those characterless concrete ones. It will be sturdy and safe but it won't be interesting at all.
Ah, now I know what that stuff is called, ice sickles. My parents re-introduced it this year after the last grandchild is old enough not to eat it any longer, too. And yes, back then we had no clue how dangerous it is either. Our first cat ate a piece of it, and the vet told us to let him lick up three soup spoons of oil. He did, and everything went well. But how I leave to your imagination... *g*

The stairs are fun! I loved such things as a child and invented all kinds of stories with hidden doors and secret passages.

It's sad, but understandable that the bridge has to go.