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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

Present and Words.

I'm a bit late so here are two at once.

First 'present'. I've got quite a lot of presents over the past few days as it has been both Chrsitmas and my birthday.

This is a few of my presents, including one which has been declared the 'oddest' this year - a 'terramundi money pot' which has one small slit, you fill it with money and then smash it. Also a present which is actually a gift of word - a year's issues of the BBC Good Food Magazine...


But here is another one for words - my husband left this note for me a couple of years ago - and couldn't understand why I thought it was funny -



I've seen those money pots and thought how sad that you have to smash them as they are rather nicely painted!

I'm glad you had a good birthday :)
I know - it is actually quite pretty - now if it were a biscuit jar it would have been a rather good gift!
Very good choices. Looks like a very Merry Christmas at your house.
Thank you - it was a really nice Christmas.
Belated birthday greetings. I hope it was a good one, and certainly this coming year will be a big but very welcome change for you. I see you have a bottle of Australian wine amongst your gifts. I hope you enjoy it.
I am really looking forward to Monday February 2nd when I won't have to get up and go to work!

The bottle of Apple Schnapps is from my Mum - the bottle of port just happened to be there as D-d and I had just had a celebratory glass each of it!
you fill it with money and then smash it.
I suppose that is to encourage you delay 'cashing in'. Weren't proper piggy banks similarly one-shots, originally?

I like the note.
Oops! Just noticed this. Yes - it is rather like an old-fashioned piggy bank. But I'm afraid it won't so much stop me cashing in as discourage me putting anything in it.

I'll probably just keep putting my small change into my Leprosy Mission collecting box.
Great choice! That terramundi pot, is it not the same as a piggy bank? My fist one was still one you needed to smash to get the money... I loved it so much I didn't want to have to, so never put any money in. *g*
Yes - same concept as the piggy bank - and I was like you and wouldn't have smashed one of those either, I think.