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Smile please

September 2019



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gold snowflake

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


End of the Festive Season - time to wrap all my glass tree ornaments up ready for next year....

putting away the tree decorations


Oooh, those must look lovely with lights sparking on/through them.
They really do - I love them all, and a lot of them have particular memories attached - Archbishop Sentamu from my daughter's time in York, the red ones from a friend here, the ones in the box at the front from the late dougalsservant. and so on.
Such a lovely collection of ornaments!
Thank you - we've been collecting them for quite a while and I'm really fond of some of them.
I really like the long, glass ones. They must scatter the light beautifully.
They do. A couple of them were the very first glass ornaments I got, about 17 or 18 years ago, because they twinkled so beautifully on the tree in the shop. I very carefully calculated out that I could afford to buy four of them, and all four are still in use!
They are, very!
This is rather lovely, if a little bit poignant. But it's time to move on, even from pretty glass. Sigh.
I know - but it looks very bleak for a week or two without them :(
How lovely (and fragile)!
Thank you. They are remarkably resilient considering how delicate they are! I think we have broken 2 of the glass ones over the 17 or 18 years since I got the first one.
What a beautiful collection! Packing it all away again is always a bit sad for me, and it certainly is the end of the season. I still haven't packed all of mine, though they are taken down since some days; but with the little cats I can't do it when they're around. In the meantime, a large serving plate of Christmas decoration lives inside the stove and I can't bake! *lol*
Yes - cats, especially small ones, can be extremely 'helpful' when the decorations are about!

In the meantime, a large serving plate of Christmas decoration lives inside the stove and I can't bake!

I recognise that problem, too :)