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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


You can find numbers all over the place -

On trains and boats -

Train Douglas Railway Station

where I live pictures July 12 Ramsey harbour

Some scarily enormous numbers -

york holiday cognac menu

Bear in mind that that is the cost per measure of 25ml - a bit under one fluid ounce.

But under the cut is




They all seemed quite determined to not let me forget a year or ten!
LOL, you can help me forget that scary number a little over a year from now!
So far it's pretty good! I got some really nice presents anyway :)
LOL A scary number only as long as you aren't sneaking up on the next one.
I wonder if we look as old to the younger generation as our grandparents did to us?

I certainly don't feel like an old lady - nor do I expect to in another ten years time - and I certainly don't think of you in that way, either.
I don't think we do. Or maybe, some do, some don't? I think many of us are healthier, we're in the working world so have to "keep up" to some extent, and just generally don't feel as old as our grandparents probably did it this age. I worked with a woman who went through elementary school with my kids, and was a couple of years older than my oldest. So she'd known me since she was a little girl. She went on and on about how I looked (and dressed) so much younger than her own mother (who I probably have several years on :)). The difference is, I believe, that her mother feels old - so that's how she acts and dresses.

If I think about the number (I'll be 70 in a couple of weeks), I should feel old. It sounds old to me! (Although hubby is even older). But I don't feel any different inside, and I'm not ready to give up my skinny jeans and start wearing housedresses and bedroom slippers all the time. :)
and I'm not ready to give up my skinny jeans and start wearing housedresses and bedroom slippers all the time. :)

The mental image of you in a housedress and slippers has given me the giggles!
Great photos!
Thank you!
Wow! £230 for a measure??? Now, that's roper scary. *g*
Isn't it but! It was in 2011 at the Cedar Court Hotel in York. You can see why I took a picture of it!
The mister just turned 60, too, and his friends and family were a lot more excited about it than he was!
My friends, too :)
I'm thinking of just sticking...
*g* Happy belated birthday. Nice range of numbers too - from the practical to the slightly boggling.
Thank you. £230.00 for 25ml certainly made me boggle!
Nice selection of numbers!
Thank you!
A great collection! :o) I wonder if the Courvoisier l'Essance is sold often...

"Zero birthdays" are always scary, aren't they? *hugs*
I wonder if the Courvoisier l'Essance is sold often...

We wondered exactly the same thing. And can you imagine if you got your 25ml and then spilled some of it?
*lol* I suppose you must be either very blasé or heart-stricken or something. *g*
Nice numbers, even if the third is a bit intimidatin *g*
Thank you. Yes, some numbers are quite intimidating!