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Smile please

April 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


For Collar

Statue of Winston Churchill near Westminster Abbey.  Notice how his collar is turned down?

Scotland 2007 642

And I got carried away with this one.  Sorry.

Two of the four horses atop St. Marc's in Venice.  See their collars?  (Probably yokes or harness pieces but
I figure it's close enough.)


The Doctor Who/Torchwood fans among you will recognize Captain Jack Harkness's trench coat
with its broad collar.  This is from The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff a few years back.


And finally, the bright red collars on the Queen's Guard's coats.

Scotland 2007 596


What a wonderful assortment! I had a hard time thinking of a 'collar' to share.
Does Pippin not have a nice selection of collars?
She doesn't! I picked a pearl-collared sweater for her photo. :)
Thank you. I gave up trying to find something and then suddenly all of these turned up.
Oh what excellent picks!
Thank you!
A great collection of pics! It's always fun to see known views in a different light for the odd detail o so. :o)
I'm very glad you liked them. : )
So many clever responses to the prompt! And I've always adored the St. Marc's horses. I'll probably never have a chance to see them in person, but I love seeing photos.
They are beautiful in person (does one say in person about statues of horses? lol) and I'm very glad I got to see them while I was still traveling some. I've not done much in the way of travel but what I did manage will have to last me. That one trip to Venice is probably the only time I will see them. St Marc's is lovely. Go if you can.
All really good responses to the prompt. I particularly like the Venice horses.
They are lovely when you see them up close. There are four of them but this of just the two was the best photo that I had of them.