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Smile please

September 2019



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Lunar Eclipse

ysilme in photo_scavenger

Catching up...

Catching up with some of the challenges I have missed so far.

Impossible to see where the poles end and the reflections begin...

For words I chose one of our dinner plates.

I love tableware with words on it, and when I saw my first Peter Rabbit dessert bowl on my second trip to the UK I was hooked. I got a mug later, and a small plate, and when I met my husband he loved the design so much he agreed to get a whole set for our wedding.

Our kittens are growing, and are getting their education. The other day, aunt Skrållan brought the a present: the first mouse. Dead, so they could get a good look and sniff.

It's actually a shrew, because we have them in abundance and sadly, Skrållan doesn't understand they are to be protected... Anyway, Mattis was just about to investigate that interesting thing closer when Borka quickly collared the study object and planned to abscon with it:


Great photos!
So clever! :)
Thanks! :o)
Great photos, but I feel really bad for the poor little shrew.
Thankfully, it had a very quick death. I'm NOT looking forward to when the little ones get taught what to do with a living mouse... though it's fascinating on the other hand that our adult female has taken over the job of teaching the small ones.
Real prey is something I find hard to deal with as a cat mom. I have to ignore any feeling towards the rodents in question, seeing them only as prey and food as soon as they have been caught by felines.
It's true. When my cats were indoor-outdoor (they're all indoor now) I got used to having "gifts" brought to me, and it is the natural way. I always felt a little sad for the mice, though, and still do.
Very clever.
And what beautiful cats.
Thanks! Their mother is a poor, scrawny stray not really on the pretty side, although she has now a regular barn home with the friend where she first showed up (she won't come inside). It's sad and fascinating at the same time what a difference it makes for the looks of a cat if they are well-fed and healthy.
What good responses.

Somewhere we have a Peter Rabbit plate which is all that is left of the plate, bowl, and cup, that our daughter was given by her aunt when she was christened.
Great photos! The plate is similar to a bowl and spoon we have that my son used as a little one. It was a child's cereal bowl and matching spoon. I always liked that bowl.
Might be the same series; the large and small plates, bowls, mugs, and teacups all have different parts of the Peter Rabbit story on them. At the beginning I found it a bit weird to have children tableware as main tableware, but no visitor ever said something, except how much they liked the decor. *g*