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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


All week, since I posted this challenge subject, I have had Joan Armatrading's Shapes and Sizes in my brain.

So ; DSCF5074

The obituary columns from our local paper last week.


In the nineteenth century the Victoria and Albert museum, in a "tremendous feat of both engineering and casting", made a full size plaster copy of Trajan's Column - 3.83 metres in diameter at the base and rising to a height of 38 metres!

I took a picture of a section of it when I last visited the museum in 2013 -

trajan cast


Ah, I thought about newspaper columns, but I have to say the Obituaries wouldn't have been the first thing to occur to me. :)
It's the line in that song that says 'Obituary columns are full of love...' - it's been going around in my head all week.
Wow, both making *and* re-making that column must have been astounding feats.
It is quite amazing, isn't it? In the museum it is in sections as it is too high to fit, otherwise.
The first shot is very clever but the second is my fave. I love all the detail in it.
Thank you. There is a piece about the cast of Trajan's column here on the V&A website.

I took the photo from a higher gallery that runs around the castings hall at first floor level.
Newspaper columns - clever.

I had no idea Trajan's Column was so big. Amazing. And the detail of the relief is wonderful.
I had that Joan Armatrading line 'obituary columns are filled with love...' as an earworm all week!

There is a bit on the V&A website, here, about their cast of Trajan's column. I took the picture from a higher gallery, looking across at somewhere round the middle of the one half of it.
Great examples both! And I really have to have an extended visit to London again, including much more time for the V&A. My first and, so far, only visit was cut short by a kind of accident.
Thank you. The V&A is a great place - although some galleries are more interesting than others, depending on your interests.