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Smile please

September 2019



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Crichton/Aeryn wedding dress by andtheaf

nutmeg3 in photo_scavenger


I was trying to figure out what to do for this prompt, and then I realized I'm deep into rewatching Farscape, imo the best scifi show ever made and one of the best - if not the best - shows ever, regardless of genre. It was described by its creator, Rockne S. O'Bannon, as an epic romance set in space, and it's heartbreakingly perfect in every way, right up until the happy ending. So in honor of romance, here's a camera photo of my TV screen as John Crichton and the magnificent Aeryn Sun kiss. For the context of this particular kiss... This kiss is from the end of S4, ep 14, "Twice Shy." To trick Scorpius, the villain of the piece, who's eavesdropping, John and Aeryn have to pretend to break up once and for all. In fact, they've been broken up - but still in love, of course - for a while, so while they pretend to end things they're really getting back together. Their words say one thing, their faces another, and finally they kiss.

 photo Farscape Romance Resize_zpsljkcm0pl.jpg

I have to say, for a crappy cell photo taken of a moving screen (because if I freeze it I get info bars across the picture), I like this. The curves and shading kind of work for me.

PS - For a look at their faces, see my icon.


Not exactly the best picture ever taken, but I didn't want to let a prompt pass, and the feeling is definitely there.
*g* Clever. I would never have thought of taking a picture of a moving picture on a TV screen.
I was desperate for an idea, LOL! But the show really is hugely and wonderfully romantic.
Good interpretation:-)

*puts the Farscape DVD box in the virtual re-watch queue*
Thank you. And yes, rewatch! There's a movie in the works, which looks like it will be mostly Little D's story, but Ben and Claudia have signed on, and I think other cast members have, too. (And I have a theory about Big D, so I'm not counting him out. *eternally hopeful*)
Good choice!
It's John and Aeryn. Their chemistry is palpable. :-)