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Smile please

November 2019



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Photography by endlessdeep

nutmeg3 in photo_scavenger


One of these things is not like the others, or: Someone is hiding amid a very small portion of my stuffed animal collection.

 photo Collection_zpsxibh6hu4.jpg


That's an adorable collection!

*spies your pup trying to blend in*
It was her ET moment. :-)
Love this! She fits right in
:-) I had so much fun setting up this shot.

PS - Love your new icon. Are you watching the toy group at Westminster right this very minute?
I am indeed. Though there will never be another Prince Charming (the little guy in the icon)
He looks adorable! I'm rooting for the Pom first, then anyone but the poodle. (And when we get to non-sporting, it will be Shiba first, then anyone but the poodle.)
Well of course Pom's and Shiba's! and I'm not a poodle fan myself
The thing that bothers me isn't poodles themselves (though I despise the clips they're shown in) but the ridiculously large tilt toward poodles as group winners. I think it's a safe, lazy choice, often based in ignorance of other breeds' standards, because I really don't think +/- two thirds of the time the poodle is the best dog in relation to its standard in non-sporting. There are too many top dogs there for that to make any logical sense.
I've been a poodle owner. While I agree with you on voting, I'm not a fan of the dog.
And that pom this year is wonderful
And took 2nd in group, which isn't chopped liver.
Now that's the kind of collection I can really approve of.
*g* And I really like that one in the middle *g*
That one's my favorite, too. :-)
Cuddly Anubis! I want one!
Isn't he great? He's made by Hansa, so look around and you'll probably be able to find him.
I did not know you lived with a chameleon! It looks deceivingly real. ;o)

*g* No, but what a fitting hiding-place! I'm in awe about the size of some of these, though.
LOL! Some of them (the tiger, the snow leopard at the back right) are big, but the biggest is the sitting cheetah on the left. He's pretty close to life-size, and he was too tall to even fit in the photo.
I see her! But I had to look very carefully!
Hee! I picked a lot of animals that were close to her color to make it hard for people.
Best collection ever!

I found Kaiya "Waldo" the second time I looked at the picture! :)
She fits in pretty well, I have to say. And that's only a tiny portion of the collection. It's kind of scary.