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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger


Darn, I've fallen behind again...

I first thought of one of my favourite pics for this prompt, but have used that already for something else. Still, have it again because it fits so well:

Looking up at one of the pillars of the Romanesque Cathedral of Speyer. The capital you see is not its end, just marks the lower part about half way up.

This one is the base of a column, reaching down to the crypt because the none-too-firm underground made it necessary:

St. Michael's Chuch, Hamburg, the famous town landmark "Michel"

And also in Hamburg in the Botanical Gardens, naturally grown colums:
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Oooh, I love looking up at that column. What a great perspective.
Isn't it? I love taking shots like these.
Wonderful photos! I am seriously behind too. I haven't done a single prompt this year.
Thanks, and good luck with the prompts from now on! I took a longer hiatus last year because I simply didn't get around finding images, let alone take new ones...
I just love that first shot.
Thank you!
What good pictures. That first one looks like a load of cats have walked up it. I really like the lighting in the second. And the third is a fun interpretation of the prompt.
*g* You're right about the cat paw prints, from this perspective, it really does. :o)
I like all three - I think especially the middle one.

But the first one made me smile as it looks to be covered in small cat footprints!
I agree about the cat paw prints! :O) Never occured to me before, perhaps because of the perspective and size of the real thing. When I come there the next time I need to take a detail shot!