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Thanks to the flu and everything, I put my Christmas decoration boxes away only last week. So this still fits in a way: *g*
Some of the little Santa figures I'm kind of collecting.

I kind of took this over from my mother, who has a much larger collection of of even smaller Santa figures - the tiny one on the left is one of hers she gifted me. From then on, I have been gifted with some Santas over the years, and bought others myself; all quircky and funny in some way, or linked to a memory - not any Santa will do, of course! *g*
I have many more, but these are also some of my favourites. Only half visible is a tin hanger of a Santa bear, then the tiny one with the knubbly beard, Mrs. Santa done by my favourite Danish potter, that little grumpy guy brought from a trip to Sweden, like the one to the right. And the knitted one, a gift from my mother.
For me, Santa is also not linked with Christmas, for in my region of Germany at Christmas, there comes the Christ child and brings the presents. We also celebrate St. Nicholas Day on the 6th of December, where the guy in the red coat with the white beard comes and brings nuts, mandarines and sometimes small gifts (also chocolate nowadays), or beats naughty kids with birch rod.
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