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Smile please

January 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Hair comes in all shapes and sizes

Things you can make from hair: a hand-felted star, apples and a candy cane, and a knitted angel and Christmas balls, the latter stuffed with raw sheep's fleece and the cat hair I comb out of the furs of our furries. *g*

I planned to give you a pic of a pair of hair socks we once saw in a Forest Museum in Sweden, but couldn't find it.
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How unique! Thanks for sharing these.
It's a bit difficult combining them with wool-loving kittens. ;o)
Those are really neat. I especially like the apples and the Christmas balls.
I knitted the balls myself, after this cool book (I didn't find an English version, though).
What a fascinating selection.
My original idea was a picture my parents used to have, a portrait of the dog of my uncle made from the dog's hair and glue, but my mother had put the picture away some time ago. So I had to look for something else. *g*
Very clever! I especially like the apples. The colors are so subtle and realistic.
Thanks! I had dry-felted apples before these, which looked even nicer. But the cats got into them and tore them apart, so my husband found me these which are wet-felted.
Cute. What a great use for the cat hair!
Isn't it? I used to dry-felt balls for the cats, too, and filled them with their own hair; but the kittens are tearing them totally apart, eating the wool in the process which is probably not so good.