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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Fine selection of pies in our local shop -


And you know what they say some pie are squared...

apple galette

That's one I made earlier today. OK - depends on your definition of a pie - but it is apples and pastry so I reckon it is a pie!


Oh gosh, that looks DELICIOUS.

Pies squared, LOL!
It tastes nice - we had it for pudding tonight!
Hmm, that looks delicious! Can I have a slice, please? ;o) The shape looks perfectly normal to me; apple cake/pie is mostly baked on the whole baking sheet hereabouts.
It was good - we ate it for pudding this evening.

Usually I'd make an apple pie on a round pie plate - but this is easier :) Especially as I'd had the pastry in the freezer for ages so it only needed to be defrosted.
Now I want pie! Your apple pie looks delicious. In fact, I'll be right over.
You would be too late - it is all gone...

But it is the easiest thing in the world to make - oblong of puff pastry, draw a line around the edge with a knife to give a 1" border and put sliced apples in the rest of it. Add sugar. Bake in a hot oven!

These days you can even get the pasty ready rolled - although I did roll this personally :)
Spoken like a true baker! For those of us who aren't... How much sugar? What temp oven (I can convert C to F on line) and for how long? Also, approximately what size pan?
As you can see, as it is still sitting on the baking tray; you don't need a pan just a flat sheet - so whatever size you have that fits your oven, and roll out your puff pastry until it is about 0.5 cm thick if it isn't ready rolled - if this is bigger than your baking sheet just cut the pastry into a nice oblong that will fit. This one was half a 500gm packet of puff pastry.

The amount of sugar depends on how sweet the apples are, and how sweet you like it - so this one was done with a large Granny Smith, which is a little tart, so I added about a tablespoonful of sugar. An eating apple type is better than cooking apples for this as they hold their shape better, rather than 'falling' and becoming soft but shapeless. I baked it at about 200c in my fan oven.

I think it is technically an apple galette - and here is a proper recipe!

I was taught to make that knife mark around to delineate between the bit the apples sit on and the crust to let that outer ridge puff up more easily - and I just brushed some milk over that edge and let the sugar go onto it as well as the apples to give a slight scrunch.
The apple pie looks delicious!
It was very nice - a sort of side-effect from the curry making on Sunday, as I had cream in to add to the curry, and decided apple slice would be good to use up the rest of the cream!
The apple pie looks delicious. It's far too early, I've hardly woken up, but it's making me peckish.
Well it could be seen as a healthy breakfast - it's got apples on it...