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Smile please

September 2019



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Following on from one piece of civic sculpture, with my picture of the River God Tyne last week, this week I offer you - She is the Wooden Doll.

Or one of two wooden dolls, to be exact.

She stands in Northumberland Square in North Shields and is the fifth in a two century long tradition. The first was a ship's figurehead that came ashore in 1814. But since sailors kept cutting bits off her, to take with them for luck, she only lasted until 1850. This one dates from 1958 and depicts a fishwife.

Looking at her, it is clear that we have a lot of seagulls on this coast *g*

The other, current wooden doll, the sixth, is down on the fish quay where the first was set up, and there is an interesting picture here - http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/lifestyle/nostalgia/wooden-doll-photos-north-shields-8102031 - with a slide facility, showing her now and one of her predecessors from 1891.
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Oh thank you! I had forgotten her.

We got married in the Registry Office in North Shields and planned to have our photos done in the square. The Monday of the week of the wedding they locked it all up and brought in bulldozers to re-landscape it!
I knew you'd like her, too. I remember you saying you got married there.
What a shame. North Tyneside Council - masters of timing.
Is that a basket on her back? I like that detail.
Yes, it's a creel - a woven, backpack style basket for carrying fish. It was the women who cleaned and sold the fish, while the men went to sea.
Very cool response, and I love the thought of the sailors whittling the first statue away to nothing.
Thanks. It's a good story, isn't it. I think they whittled away the first four.
Great choice, and such an interesting story to go with it!
Thank you.